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December 1, 2012
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You smiled, watching as your best friend in the whole world jumped around happily. "I can't believe you're already seventeen!" She said, a huge grin on her tan face. You laughed. "You're still older than me." Your best friend, Emily, was 20, while you had just turned seventeen. "____!" Your mother called from inside the house. "It's time for dinner!" Emily grinned and took your hand, dragging you into the kitchen. "Here's some hot chocolate for you two," Your mother, (mother's name here), said, placing to hot cups on the table. "Why are we having hot coco, mrs. ____?" Emily asked, confused. "Tommorow's the first day of Winter!" She exclaimed.

"And ___'s birthday, of course, is today." You took a sip of the hot chocolate, and smiled at your mother. Your father had died when you were very young, so you had no clue on who he was. You had met Emily in Highschool, and you two had been friends ever since. She had lost her father, too, when she was very young, so she understood you better than your own mother knew you. "So, _____," Emily said, wiping the chocolate off her upper lip with her arm. "What are you gonna do for your birthday?" "Well, I need some new clothes, so.." Your mother smiled. "I can drive you two to the mall and drop you off, if you want. Take your cell so you can call me whenever you want me to pick you guys up."

Emily nodded, finishing up her drink. "I'll go get my shoes on!" You nodded, and went off to get your own shoes, as your mother put the cups in the sink to wash later. You slipped on your (favorite color here) converses and put your (favorite color here) sweater on. Emily slipped in her black flats and red sweater, as your mother got her purse.

You picked your black (insert brand here) cellphone and opened the door. The air was slightly cool, but it still had some warmth behind it. Fall, being the artist it was, colored the trees orange, red, and yellow. Dead leaves piled up beside trees. You and Emily in the back so it was fair while your mom started the car and drove off.

You passed many colorful houses, and you couldn't help taking pictures with your phone. Emily laughed, and you playfully glared at her. You turned off your camera and stared out the window and into the clear, blue sky. Out of the corner of your eye, you swore you saw a boy with white, frosty hair and..well, you didn't really see his eyes. To your surprise, he was flying! He was flying low to the ground, but fast, so you couldn't see what he was wearing or his eyes.

All you saw was his hair.

Some of your friends had dyed their hair white or sliver, but you could of sworn his was just..supernatural..

"____? Are you ok?" Emily askedm waving a hand in front of your face. You snapped your head towards her, smiling. "Yeah. I'm fine." "What were you staring at so intently?" She asked, cocking her head. You blushed in embarrassment. Had she not seen it? Were you going crazy?

" a plane." You lied. Emily giggled. "Was it taking off..or was it not there?" You crossed your arms and pouted. "Awww, fine. I'm sorry."

You smiled. "That's better." You looked back over to look outside. The boy was gone.

After shopping, your mom dropped Emily off and you two went back home. "Man, it's gotten chilly out.." Your mother said, more to herself than you. You nodded. It was about eight o clock, and you were very hyper. You had gone shopping, had pizza, and went to DQ to eat cake.

Chocolate cake.

A lot of chocolate cake.

You looked down at your new sketchbook. "Hey, mom, can I go back into the woods to draw?" You asked. A few blocks from your house, there was huge and dense forest. Ou had heard from a few gossipers that it was very pretty in the springtime and falltime, and since you were new to the town, maybe you could draw it in winter, too. Er..close to winter, that is.

Your mom smiled. "Sure. Just be back by eight thirty, ok?" She dropped you off at the entrance of the woods, and you took your cellphone and sketchbook. "See ya, mom!" You said, running off into the woods.

A few minutes in, you came across a frozen lake. "That's odd. It's not that cold." You said, sitting down on a log close to the lake. You were a few seconds into your drawing, when a harsh pain hit your neck. You turned around, and noticed you had been hit with a snowball. Not one of those fake ones you see in stores, but a real, live, snowy one. "What..?!" You spinned around. It wasn't even snowing and there was no snow anywhere!

You heard a branch crack and turned around quickly. Hiding behind a tree was the same boy you had seen flying. But this time, you could see his eyes. They were supernatural in their own way, too. They were a sharp, icy sapphire blue. His hair, was still white, of course. He was wearing a blue zip-up jacket with frost designs on it, brown pants that were torn at the bottoms, shoes? 'Isnt he cold?' You thought.

"Why'd you throw that at me, bro?"

Your voice seemed to shock him. He came out from hiding, looked around, and then pointed at himself. You noted he was also carrying a wooden staff, which was hooked at the top. "Me?" He asked. You nodded. "Yes, you." He stared at you in disbelief. " can see me?" You went over what he looked like in your mind. To your surprise, you had seen him a book.

He looked like Jack Frost. 'That can't be him..can it?'

"Of course." You said, a smile on your face. He still seemed surprised. " know who I am?" Was this guy the loner or something in the element world? He seemed awfully confused at someone seeing him. "You're..," you went through the book in your mind, trying to remember if he really looked like /him/ or not. He leaned forward, his heart beating. "Jack Frost~." He walked a few steps toward you.

"I can't believe it," he whispers. "You're not a kid, and you believe." He looked around. "Impossibru." You laughed, causing him to crack a small smile. "I'm ___-____. Nice to meet you." You said, holding your hand out. Jack stared at your hand, and then looked down at his right hand, which wasn't holding the staff. He brought his hand to yours, and you immediately shivered. After shaking hands, there was an awkward silence in the air. "..Why do you still believe? In me, I mean." Jack asked, all of a sudden. You sat down on the log again, and he floated in the air. You marveled on that for a moment before going on to answer the question.

"Do you want me to stop believing in you..?"

You asked, cocking your head to the side. He lost his balance up in the air(can you lose your balance up in the air?? xD) and fell down. "No! I-I mean..nah. That wouldnt be good." You smiled at his "bad-boy" cover. 'Fuck..I can't mess this up, Old Man! She's the only one over 15 that believes in me.' He said, standing up, looking at the moonlit sky.

You sighed and looked at your phone's time. "I'm sorry, but I have to go." He turned around quickly. "What? Why?" 'He really doesn't want be alone, does he?' You though, frowning. "My mom wants me home. But..I guess I could stay a little but longer." He smirked. "You see this frozen lake?" He said, pointing his staff in the direction of the lake. "Yes." "What's your favorite animal?" "(Favorite animal here)!" You said, giggling. Smirking, he ran the staff over a tree stump. Frost appeared, making you gasp. "I'm a good artist, eh?" You walked over to see. "Wow...," you said, as he had drawn (favorite animal here) on the top of the tree stump.

"I'm a fucking artist. You don't got to admit it." He said, a cocky smirk on his face.
You laughed. "You sure are.." All of a sudden, your phone beeped, signaling you had someone calling you. "You can answer it," Jack said, smirking. "I'll go start a snowball fight."


"Hello," a soft voice answered. "This is Nurse Safa, here at your (random hospital name here). We called to inform you, _____, that your mother was killed in a car crash. We will send you 200 dollars to pay the first half of bills, but your mother told us before she passed away that she had saved a lot of money in the bank." With that said, she hung up. You dropped the phone and slid down a nearby tree, hugging your knees close to your chest. "Hey, I know I'm sexy and all, but you don't have to cry about me being gone."

You wiped your tears and sniffed. "But seriously," he said, floating above you. "What's goin on?" You spoke softly, "my mother died in a car crash." He winced. "Uh..I don't know what to say really," he said, sighing. "I've never had a mother or father." You sniffed once more and picked up your phone, which was still working surprisingly. "Well," you said. "I guess I'll go back home."

"You'll come back, right!?" [Imagine him having a really scared look on his face when he said that, it makes it more convincing. ☆〜(ゝ。∂).] You smiled and stood up. "Haha, sure! ;3" You raced back to your house, waving bye to him.

As soon as you were out of sight (I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind- I can never sleep at night~ by Pewds), he fell backwards into the snow, smiling to himself.

"Hopefully I won't be alone anymore.."
EDIT: Only my fellow bros will get why I put "I'm out of mind, im out of sight, I can never sleep tonight~ by Pewds". :3 :iconpewdiebrofistplz:

BROFIST ME IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU'RE A BRO AND ADD ME AS A FRIEND. :) I'll be happy to talk to a fellow bro! ;3

(Old description time! ♪( θ`)ノ)

I so excitied! :D Since Jack Frost is getting known to more and more fanfiction writers (character x reader writers, I mean.), that means more Jack Frost x Reader fics!

I always hate how a good story about Jack Frost ends up with him being with an OC or with someone else. :c
*cough* quotev writers *cough*

You; You
ROTG: Dreamworks (?)
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