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July 29, 2013
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A/N; Hi everyone! :D This is my first "in game reality" so please be gentle with me. ;_; Enjoy! :3

"Come on, ____," your best friend, (best friend's name of your choice), begged, tagging on your sleeve. You two were currently having a sleepover in your apartment. She was currently in the progress of begging you to play Slender, a horror game. "But I'm tired, (best friend)," you said, pouting. "It won't take long, I promise!" You gave a tired smile, "alright, I'll do it." She cheered. "Yay! I'll download it for you." You nodded, going into the kitchen and getting some popcorn. Once you got back, (b/f) had already pulled up two chairs and the game was almost finished loading.

"Wow, that was fast," you said, handing the bowl to her. She gladly accepted it, and the download finally finished. "Alright, so what's the game?" you asked, clicking 'play'. "Find all eight pages," she answered. Her phone started beeping, "hello? Oh, hi. Yeah, sure. Okay, see you." she hung up. "Who was it?" you asked, as you got used to the controls. "Jesse," she said. "He wants me to go to watch a movie with him," You sighed. "That's okay," 

She gave you a hug before leaving in her grey Mercedes. Sighing, you pulled a blanket over your shoulders, suddenly cold. 'How is it this cold?' you wondered, 'no windows or doors are open, are they?' You looked to your right, where two sliding doors were closed, but one was slightly open. 'Maybe (b/f) left it open,' you thought, walking to close it. You suddenly started to feel dizzy, and before you knew it, you had blacked out.

Waking up, you saw that you weren't in your apartment (oh, and you're still wearing your day clothes :3) anymore. You were in a dark, creepy forest; the only lights were the full moon and the tiny stars dusted around the sky. Infring of you was a abandoned house. "H-hello?" you called out. You walked forward a few steps, before tripping over something. "Oh, good! A flashlight!" You cheered softly. 

You picked it up, turning it on, as you started to walk. "DO NOT WANT," you could hear someone yelling, "BUT HE'S SO SEXY..," You laughed at the last one. A man, looking to be in his early twenties with a white t-shirt with a fist and "BROFIST" written on it jeans, and from what you could see, dirty blonde shaggy hair. "E-excuse me," you called out. "Are you okay?" The man ran towards you, "yeah, thanks. Slendy almost got me." He answered, smiling. "That's not good. Anyways, I'm ____. What's your name?" You got a good look at his face. His eyes, crystal blue, were what stood out the most. 

"I'm Felix," he said, grinning. "Wait!," you said, "aren't you Pewdiepie? From YouTube?" He laughed. "Yeah! Are you a bro?" You nodded. "Yay! BROFIST!" You two bro-fisted before you heard more footsteps. Turning around, you saw a man with a light blue t-shirt on, jeans, and a white mask on. "Cry!" Pewds called out. "Pewdie!" The man, apparently Cry, said, running over. A huge grin was on his face. You could see his mouth and below but you couldn't see the rest of his face.

"Who's this?" He asked. "_____," You answered, smiling. "Nice to meet you, ___-chan! I'm Cry." "____-chan?" you asked, blushing slightly. "Oh, sorry, it's just a nickname I give to people sometimes. Do you not want me to call you that?" You shook your head quickly, "no, it's fine!" Pewds cleared his throat, an annoyed look on his face. "We can't stay in the same spot," he declared. "He might get us.." Cry nodded. "Yeah, you're right. Come on, let's see if we can find the first page."

'His mask and voice sounds really familiar,' you thought, as you three started walking. 'Where have I seen him before..? Oh, that's right! He's on YouTube. Why do I keep on forgetting Youtubers?' "Hey, wait," you said. "Cry, you're from YouTube," He laughed. "Are you a fan?" You nodded. "Hey, back off," Pewds said, hitting Cry playfully. "Stay away from my bro!" Cry laughed. "Hey, look," You said, grinning and running towards the weird tree. "W-wait!" You heard Cry call. "Oh, good job, ____!" He exclaimed, when he saw the note in your hands. 

Pewds caught up with you two. "What does it say?" The blue-eyed gamer asked. "It's just a drawing," you answered. "Slendy's such an artist," Cry joked. You laughed, and you saw Pewds glare at the masked man, but Cry didn't see. "I'm getting tired," you said with a frown, "and my legs are killing me." Cry nodded. "Me too. What about you, Pewdie?" Pewds nodded. "Yeah. We can take turns staying up, to make sure the sexy Slendy doesn't get us while we're sleeping," 

You giggled, as Cry glared at Pewds this time. 'What's with them?' you thought. 'They're probably just tired,' "Alright, so who wants to go first?" Cry asked. "I will, if that's okay," Pewds said. "How long are each turns?" You asked, as you yawned. Cry put a finger to his shaved chin, "How about an hour?" You and Pewds looked at eachother before nodding, "sure." 

Cry yawned. "Hey, look!" Pewds said, running towards something. We jogged after him, "what? What is it?" Cry asked. "It's a tent!" You exclaimed happily. "Oh, yay!" Pewds grinned, "you're welcome~." You smiled before getting in the tent with Cry. On the ground was a soft dark green blanket, with two white pillows. 

There was an awkward silence after you both sat down on the soft blanket. "Soooo.." you started. "How's life?" Cry laughed. "Fine. Yours?" You nodded. "It's been alright." You laid down, and Cry followed suit. "Goodnight, Cry," you said softly. "Goodnight, ____-chan," A soft beeping noise woke you up. 'Its my phone,' you thought, confused. 'Can..can we get a signal?' You turned on your phone. Sadly, it was just a warning that your phone was almost out of battery.

"____," you heard Cry say, sitting up. "O-oh, sorry, Cry," you said, blushing. "I can't get back to sleep," Cry smiled. "It's okay," he said softly. "With what's going on, I don't blame you," You frowned, "but what if we don't make it out..?" You were interuppted by Cry pulling you down with him. He put your body to were lying close to him, and your blushing face was on his chest.

"We'll get out, I promise. And I'll protect you all the way."

Blushing, you nodded. "O-okay," Cry chuckled. Before you knew it, you had fallen back to sleep. "Hey, Cry," Pewds whispered, opening the tent flap. "I'll do it, Pewdie," you said, getting up and walking out with the Swedish man. "Aren't you going to sleep?" He laughed, "with Cry? Nope! I may act gay but it's really awkward when you actually, you know," he said, grinning, as he sat beside you on the ground. "Anyway," he went on. "I'm not tired." You smiled, "then I guess Cry has to do it longer tommorow..I mean, if we're still alive– I-I mean, here." 

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders. "Don't worry, bro!," he said, softly. "I'll make sure you're still alive. I'll protect you." You blushed; it was also what Cry said. Why were they so protective? You smiled. "And I'll protect you guys, too," you said. Pewds laughed, but then yawned. "I-if you want, I can go get a pillow and bring it out here," you said softy. "Oh, yeah, thanks!" You quickly went to get a pillow and laid it on the ground. 

Pewds laid down, "not what I'm used to, but it'll work," he said with a tired grin. 
This is for all you Cry and Pewdie fans (including me ;D). Please comment before you favorite and I hope you enjoyed! :iconredheartplz:
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